Born and raised in Victoria, Kuba Oms is a fixture of the Canadian music scene whose music crosses genre boundaries to create a style that’s all his own – and that’s sure to make any audience get up and dance. With his new album, ADHD, landing in stores (both online and off) in March and a feature performance scheduled for the Ageless Living Gala in Victoria on March 1, Kuba sat down with Ageless Living to talk about how his music has evolved, how he stays grounded while living the rock and roll life, and the best piece of advice he ever got from his dad.

It’s All About Making People Dance

“ADHD is an up-tempo electro-pop album along the lines of [hit single] ‘Electrolove.’ We had really good success on the radio with ‘Electrolove,’ and people really enjoyed that song, so I wanted to do a whole album in that general direction.
“Guests at the Ageless Living Gala will hear songs from the new album as well as old hits – it will be a real party vibe. People should definitely bring their groove shoes because there will be lots of dancing!”

Growing Up, Going (a Little) Grey, and Getting Deep

“I don’t like to sing a song that’s about nothing. I think it’s got to say something. It doesn’t have to be a political statement – it can be a love song – but it has to be something that’s really from the heart, that really resonates with people. That’s really changed as I’ve gotten older. I’ve always been keen on strong melodies, but now I have some pretty interesting content in terms of the lyrics.
“You grow up as you get older. I’ve got some grey hairs starting to slowly come in – and that’s cool with me.”

Finding Balance: It’s Not Rocket Science

“The key to really being happy with your life is balance. Eating well is a really important part of that. I make smoothies with all sorts of stuff like hemp seed hearts and flax seeds, and I eat lots of vegetables and fruits. Certain foods, I can just tell if they resonate with me or if they don’t.
“Yoga is also huge. It makes me much more sane in terms of going out and partying and abusing my body, and it makes me want to eat well. I find that the mind-body-spirit aspect of yoga really keeps me balanced.
“It’s not rocket science – you’ve been hearing it since you were a kid: You are what you eat, and you should exercise. It really makes a difference. I’m a culprit for not doing it sometimes, and that’s when I really get in a funk.”

Staying Fit at Home and On the Road

“Tennis is something I really enjoy, and I’m pretty good at it. I play with really good players when I play, so I get a pretty good workout.
“I also think sex is a really good way to stay balanced and fit and happy. It’s so often considered something that’s taboo or uncomfortable to talk about, but I think it’s natural – it’s the thing that creates all life, and that energy is in all of us. I think when you feel sexy and sexual your self-esteem is higher, and you feel fitter and more balanced.
“On the road, I might run into the gym and lift weights for 20 minutes and have a steam – that’s always a nice way to get the day going. But generally it’s a matter of just having a decent stretch in the morning, and making sure I don’t eat too many French fries!”

Screen Shot 2014-03-02 at 12.21.59 PMThe Book That Changed Everything

“Eckhart Tolle’s The Power of Now changed my life. I’ve bought 30 or 40 copies of that book for people. It’s not an easy read – it’s kind of intense stuff – but it’s really, really powerful.
“All the ancient philosophies pretty much say the same thing: not to live in the past or the future but to live in the present moment. Bring it back to your breath and try to clear the clutter that goes on in your mind, all the noise. Live in the present moment, try to live in the now. That’s the most important thing by far.”

A Final Word of Wisdom

“A laugh a day will keep the doctor away – I learned that from my dad. And have fun – smiling is huge. When I see smile lines, I find that really attractive.”
Kuba Oms’ new album ADHD will be available on iTunes and in record stores nationwide on March 4, with a preview available at Pre-release copies will be available at Kuba’s performance at the Ageless Living Gala in Victoria on March 1. For more information about the Gala, or to buy tickets, visit

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